28 Dic

Hoy por ser especial, ya se acaba este año en el que hemos empezado este proyecto donde Sessiocontinua&Wedding ha puesto mucha ilusión, voy a dejaros con el inicio de una bonita historia.
Ya sabéis que no solo hablamos de bodas, aunque son el punto fuerte, por eso quería enseñaros el relato escrito por Helena Izquierdo, una chica con alma de escritora que estudia literatura y que disfruta con un papel y un lápiz. Helena escribe relatos cortos pero intensos, con la idea de continuar-los o de dejarnos con la intriga de lo que pasara. Tenemos que apoyar a los pequeños emprendedores que mañana serán grandes profesionales. Poco a poco ire enseñando algunos de sus trabajos, ya que todo lo que sea arte o diseño nos gusta y esta chica tiene madera de artista solo que en vez de utilizar un pincel usa un boli.
Además para aquellos privilegia-dos que dominen lenguas, nos lo enseña en ingles y en español, para variedad los gustos.


“Chloé VianThis is the story of Chloè. It is not about suffering or pain. It is just about love, love as we know it. The same feeling that always surprises us. The most important of all, it’s a life story. Chloè was 23 years old. She was a young, lovable, happy girl with a sweet character. She had a very long red hair, a pretty face with dark green eyes, a small nose and bright skin. When new people met her, the only thing that called for their attention was her smile. She always had a huge and friendly smile. She lived in Saint Germain de Près, the 6th district of Paris. It was a place frequented by philosophers, writers, musicians and actors. All of them shared a common space between the brasseries and the jazz clubs. Chloè lived in 33, Rue Dauphine. Her family owned a little bakery shop very well known in the area. She had been baking cakes, brioches and macarons for the past fifteen years. She lived with her four brothers and her father. Sadly, her mum passed away in a tragic accident years before. She had a busy life between her intense work at home and her secular activities. But what she really loved the most was drawing. She found inspiration in every single place in Paris, raindrops in her window, kids playing on the street, elderly women dressed in Chanel having coffee on the terraces, boats passing through the Sena. That was Paris, a city full of inspiration and colors. Her life was happy and complete but there was only one thing she had been looking for without having success: love. She had been in love only once, deeply, but sadly she was not corresponded. She felt emptiness in her heart, a big hole that drawing could not fill.  On a cool evening she went for a walk on the Rue Mazarin towards the Sena. She sat on a park bench in front of the Pont de les Arts. While she was drawing the shapes of the boats and the sailors it started to rain. She had never seen such a tremendous storm. It was pouring rain. How was that possible? It had been really sunny in the morning.   She was confused and perplexed; her whole body was dripping wet. Her house was really far to go walking and she didn’t know what to do. She felt pity for herself because her drawing book was completely wet and all her work was being ruined. Suddenly, somebody approached her and said: “Excuse me madam, don’t you think it would be better to find a place to shelter from the rain? It is getting dark and I think it is not going to stop.” A boy said. He was Nino, a boy from her age. He was pretty tall, had fly-away hair, really big blue eyes He was friendly and a bit day-dreamer. “Yes, I don’t know really what to do, I have seen myself in the middle of the storm and I feel a tremendously stunned.” She replied.He put his hand on her shoulder with safety and told her: “Please, come with me. My family has a café on the corner. You could shelter from the rain there until the storm finishes.”“Oh, thank you so much. I really appreciate that.” She exclaimed. They both entered on a café called Le Procope. It was really small, it only had a few tables for the customers but it was very welcoming. There were floor tiles in different colors and purple lights next to the windows. “What kind of coffee do you prefer?” he asked.“I would like to have a white coffee with little sugar.” She replied. In less than five minutes he came back with a coffee and a little croissant filled with chocolate. “Thank you, this is the best thing to recover from the storm” she sighed. She was terribly shy with some people but with him it was different, she felt comfortable. There was something warm and familiar on his face. She looked at his eyes and realized that he was really attractive. They started to talk, without paying too much attention to the storm. First, they talked about trivial matters, about their likes and dislikes but later they talked about their lives, their dreams and hopes. They both realized that they had been passing through similar situations in the past. They had been carrying a lot of responsibilities in their life with little support, they had been living with very little money and both of them had loved somebody without being corresponded. After a few hours passed, the café was empty. There were only the two of them talking. The storm had ended and it was really dark outside. Chloè had to come back home, which was a bit far. “Oh no, it’s two o’clock in the morning.” She exclaimed. “I should come back home immediately, my family must be very worried”. “Don’t worry Chloè. I will take you home. It’s very dangerous for a girl to go alone at night.” He said.    They started walking towards Saint Germain de Près. Although there were puddles everywhere on the street Chloè loved the smell of a wet Paris.  Nino put his hands on his pockets and smiled her. All of a sudden, Chloé realized that smile was the one she was going to see every morning for the rest of her life….”

Como veis esta lleno de romanticismo, y muchas mas cosas que cada uno puede extraer, esperemos que nos deleite con muchos más relatos.
Sessiocontinua&Wedding ha creado este diseño con diferentes ilustraciones para presentarlo bonito por fuera y por dentro. Cuanto se puede llegar a consguir con tan solo palabras.


Una respuesta to “Historias”

  1. Helena diciembre 28, 2012 a 1:54 pm #

    Ayyy que verguenza!!!! Pero q bonito ha quedado!! Gracias esther…


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